Feb 24, 2014

Laura Mercier Enlightenment Palette review

Hello Beauty Fans,

Here is another impulse purchase of late …  quick Sephora run at lunch (you know the drill).  $80 later here we are … another gorgeous neutral palette for the stockpile.

Meet my new love - the Laura Mercier Enlightenment Eye & Cheek Palette.  A thing of true beauty.

I think I'll have to grow another face to wear all this stuff - but never mind!  It doesn't go bad does it?  DO NOT answer that question ….  I'd like to live in my ignorant bliss thank you very much.

Anyway - Laura Mercier and I get along quite well - very well actually.  Every since I met the Artist Palette last December, it was true, buttery, blendable LOVE.  Hard to beat the buttery loveliness of her eyeshadows.

Do I NEED more neutral shadows?  Well, hmmm … anyway - this is a perfect purse sized palette - and the blushes are GORGEOUS as well.  And - I do travel for work - so it's more of an INVESTMENT piece anyway, …..  let's just say.

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