Feb 20, 2014

Make Up For Ever - old faves

I have LONG been a devoted fan of Make Up For Ever.  This was definitely one of my first higher end brands that I branched into when I started working and could afford more than drugstore chic.

The HD Microfinish Powder was one of my first discoveries - and I still use it - a decade later.  I couldn't tell you how many tubs I've gone through - from the first format to the new one (which is AWESOME by the way!)  I haven't tried the pressed powder version yet, but it is on my list!

This is un-dupe-able.  It truly has no match.  And trust me - I have tried MANY finishing powders.  Yes, I have seen all those scandalized celebs with the big white patches under their eyes.  BUT - unlike them - I'm not too often on a red carpet surrounded by paps - so I think I'm good?

Regardless - this powder sets foundation to a beautiful fine finish.  It doesn't clog pores (unlike MAC does to me, terribly) and I can still put a powder blush on top without feeling like I am too cakey.

In this format, the MUFE HD Microfinish Powder is $39 Cdn at Sephora.  And worth every penny.

I'm also embarrassed to show the state of this poor eyeshadow.  BUT it only proves how much it has been loved!  And this is my second one as well.  So expect to see this on an "empties" post before too long!

Before the Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadow craze that has swept the beauty world by storm over the past year or two, there was this.  This is my beloved Aqua Cream in Shade Pink Beige #16.  $28 Cdn at Sephora.

Aqua cream eyeshadows go on smooth as butter - like a perfect creamy shadow should.  But they dry to a powder finish.  And they LAST and last.  It just stays perfect all day.  I LOVE this colour for every day - add a brown crease colour and a black liner and you are in business.  Not too shimmery for the office either.

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