Feb 27, 2014

new Clarins Opalescence Poudre Teint & Blush Spring 2014 release

This is part of the Clarins Spring 2014 launch which I could not resist when I was at the Bay one day.  It is the new Clarins Opalescence Poudre Teint & Blush and it is $40 at the Bay.

The packaging alone is gorgeous with a beautiful mother-of-pearl style palette.  The pattern inlaid in the blush is so pretty and has a lovely golden overspray (mine is mostly gone since I have been using it this week).

This is one of those multi-purpose powders as it has several different colours in the palette.  You can blend them together as I like to do and use it all over your face (lightly) as a lovely fragrant finishing powder.

Or you can concentrate your brush on the more pigmented areas and use the shades for blush or contour.


  1. what a beautiful product but I must admit the packaging is really what is grabbing me. I am a sucker for luxiourious packaging

  2. Sttttuuunnning product! The more blogs I follow, the more I become interested in Clarins...which might be dangerous! haha