Mar 25, 2014

Clarins is one of my new favourite brands

Hello friends!

Yesterday I was sharing some of my favourite makeup products this week, and which ones I wore the most while on vacation in Mexico for March break.

Two Clarins products were on my face every single night for dinner - the cream blush that I showed yesterday - and this delicious lipstick.

This is another one of Clarins' Spring 2014 line - Joli Rouge Brilliant in the shade 19 Tropical Pink.  It's $27 Cdn at

First of all - the packaging feels so luxurious.  It is sleek, not too heavy, and feels nice to apply.  The lipstick itself applies like a balm.  It feels moisturizing and lovely.  It has a really nice gentle smell (unlike cheaper drugstore brands) and applies an easy-to-wear sheer pinky colour that is perfect for my skin tone, especially with a tan right now.

I know this is one I will wear till it's empty!  And I'll definitely check out their other colours.  The formula is gorgeous.  And for the price - I far prefer this formula to some other more expensive YSL & Chanel lipsticks I've tried.  This is just easier to wear I think.


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  1. I've yet to try Clarins' beauty products, but I only hear good things!