Mar 28, 2014

Clarins skincare

Hello friends,

If you are an avid beauty blog reader like I am, then you will know the name Caroline Hirons.  She is a guru in the world of skin care and works currently with the Body Shop.  She is something of an icon with fellow beauty bloggers and many of us follow her advice with regards to morning and nighttime skincare regimens.

SO - on the ongoing quest to clear up my skin and prevent future breakouts - I googled "exfoliating toners" and no surprise - Caroline's trusty blog popped up straight away.  This led me to Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner.  I read a few other reviews on this product (many had purchased based on Caroline's recommendation as well) and thought this would be a great addition to my nighttime routine.

I'm not quite brand new to Clarins skincare products.  I've been using them for a few months - and currently LOVING the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch as my daily primer as well as the Instant Light Complexion Illuminating Base.  The combination of these two products just seems to "fix up" my skin before I apply any makeup.  They give me a nice smooth radiant surface and blur any sun damage or spots quite nicely so that I don't use as much foundation.  I reviewed them a few weeks ago.

My usual evening skincare routine includes a face wash, toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer.  I've used the Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris for a while and I do really like it.  It's very gentle and feels softening.  I can't stand strong astringent toners that feel like they are shrinking my skin and drying it out.  I've never been able to use Clinique toners despite loving their other products.

When I read Caroline's blog, she talked about using two toners in the evening, including an exfoliating one.  I think this would really help in healing my blemishes and turning over the skin cells a little faster (especially as I near the dreaded 4-0).  So I plan to insert this new toner into my routine.

I also read her comments on adding Hydraluron into the skincare routine to help your skin absorb moisturizer better and she also suggested the Clarins cleansing cream as a gentle morning cleanser.

I also had a coupon for $10 off at Shoppers Drug Mart today, so that helped!

So - I will give these products a run for their money and report back on my findings!



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    1. Ellie!!! You have seriously made my day! Thank you so much, you are a sweetheart!