Mar 26, 2014

Clinique cheek pops are a beautiful thing

I think that the Cheek Pops are one of the best things Clinique has released in ages!  They are a gorgeous, gorgeous blush.  I like the size, the package, the colours, the formula - just everything about them.

I love a small blush that doesn't take up my whole drawer as I don't have a ton of space.  I love that they don't waste space with a lousy brush I'll never use.  And I love that they are not the size of a brick!  Not to mention the very cute transparent package and the gorgeous floral imprint.

The formula is like a firm powder, if that makes sense.  There's no powder kick up when you apply, but you do need to firmly apply your brush to get some colour.  It them applies beautifully and wears very well.  It's my next favourite blush since Tarte Amazonian Clay!  And I have quite a few of those.

I reviewed the Plum Pop a few weeks ago (far right) - which you can see has been used quite a bit!

Since coming back from Mexico, my skin is much darker and I needed to change up my makeup colours.  What better excuse to buy some new blush, right?

Here you can see Peach pop and Berry pop - and they are every bit as nice as the Plum pop.

On my arm, I've swatched (in order) Plum Pop, Berry Pop, then Peach Pop.

These blushes are $24 Cdn at


  1. I'm definitely eyeing ginger pop! I agree, I haven't been excited about a clinique product in ages!!