Mar 17, 2014

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Galaxy Rose

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Galaxy Rose ($23 Cdn from
I believe that this is a limited edition shade as it is part of the Spring 2014 Fantasy of Flowers collection.

As a rule I'm not a big lover of lipgloss.  I find them sticky and gummy and I want to wash them off my lips within minutes.  I hate when my hair sticks to my lips when I go outside as well.

This is one gloss finish that I do buy from time to time if there is a colour I particularly like.  MAC cremesheen glass is less sticky than typical lip glosses and feels more creamy.  It is also more opaque than a typical lipgloss.

I saw this colour and just fell in love with it - it is my perfect peachy pinky type of colour.


  1. Oh my goodness my heart skipped a beat when I saw your swatch! Gorgeous color!!! I use to hate glosses, but I must admit it, they're growing on me! Either I'm more accepting these days, or brands are coming out with better glosses!

    1. I'm with you - never was a big gloss fan either. These are the creamiest of glosses though. Gotta love some MAC! 😊

  2. Hi Sarah, sorry I've been meaning to hop on over to your blog for some time! I adore this colour too. I am actually a big fan of lip glosses. I find them less severe than lipsticks and creamier than chubbies, though for colour you can't really go wrong with a chubby I think. I do though totally relate to your comment about hair sticking to your glossy lips in the wind. Happens to me frequently living in the UK - we get a LOT of wind! Love your blog BTW!

  3. Thanks! You are a doll! I try every lip formula going. Currently loving the ease of Revlon lip butters.

  4. darn it- another new addiction me thinks