Mar 7, 2014

NARS the NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette

NARS the NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette ($79 Cdn from
This is definitely a case of "the bloggers MADE me do it"!  Without a doubt.  I bought this in an impulsive late-night online shopping binge and felt so guilty after buying it.  I fully planned to return it since how many neutral eyeshadow palettes do I really need?  After all, I only have two eyes to wear them and I work in an office every day - so it's not like I can start wearing smoky eyes all day every day!

But then this little beauty arrived.  And it was true love.  I have long been a fan of NARS.  They were one of my first higher-end makeup loves after I started working in my 20's and I keep coming back to them for quality.

What I like so much about this palette (considering I already have all the Urban Decay Nakeds as well as many Laura Merciers and others) is the range of all-over shades.  I like to focus on one really nice, shimmery all-over eyeshadow shade - with a mid-brown for the crease - and a dark shadow for the liner.  A lot of palettes jump very quickly to glitter and to dark shades.  Or their all-over shades are too matte - or too glittery.  Here I have more than half of the palette devoted to neutral, shimmery all-over shades.  With a nice couple of highlight colours, and some nice liner colours, and a great mid-tone brown for the crease.

Overall a beautifully thought-out palette.  Gorgeous packaging.  Not huge like a brick (hello, Naked 3?).  Nice and sleek - and perfect for travel (which I do frequently).  It's not liable to fall open or crush any shadows.  AND there is no wasted space with silly brushes that I absolutely never use.

Great job NARS.

Now I did look at the NARSissist cheek kit at the same time ($49 Cdn from but I am really glad that I waited to swatch it in person before deciding.  The colours just are NOT for me.  They are all super glittery.  And since I usually wear a neutral shimmer on my eye, I prefer a matte blush and bronzer for my contouring.  So although it is a very pretty kit and the brush seems quite nice - and I LOVE the concept - the colours just don't work for me.

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