Mar 14, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter ($9.59 Cdn from
Shades Peach Parfait and Wild Watermelon

These lip butters are my favourite kind of lipstick!  In other words lipstick that doesn't feel like lipstick.  I like no-fuss, no-muss lip colour.  I like to just swipe it on and go.  I don't want something that feels thick or sticky or goopy or makes a mess if I wipe my lips.

These are perfect for summer - when you just want a nice hint of sheer colour that feels moisturizing and not sticky.  Don't you have when your hair sticks to your lips in the wind?  ICK!


  1. great post! how are these for durability? I love the soft and sheer but lipstick seams to evaporate on me :) Help

  2. these aren't too bad lasting wise on me Lynn and most things evaporate on me as well. I get only half as long of wear as most people. Maybe 2-3 hours with an effort not to constantly lick my lips being made ;P

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