Mar 24, 2014

this week's favourite things

Hello friends!

I'm just back from a week in Mexico.  We had a wonderful family vacation and re-charged the batteries!  I read three books, indulged in lots of cocktails, and just enjoyed family time on the beach and by the pool.  It was fabulous!

While away, I kept my makeup to a minimum - mostly just sunscreen and a little lipgloss.  We did dress for dinner each night, so I added the minimum of foundation with some blush and mascara.  I find that in the heat, my makeup just melts off me anyway and makes me feel "ick".

The two Clarins products here - I wore EVERY single day in Mexico though!  This is one of the new cream blushes launched in the Spring 2014 line in the shade "Candy".  I love it!  It applies beautifully and stays put.  Really, really nice.  And it suited my tan perfectly because it's a peachy pink.  It's $30 Cdn at

I really like the sleek gold packaging and the fact that it isn't the size of a brick.  I just use my fingers to rub some on my cheek bones and blend in gently.  It applies very easily.  I love blush that comes in a nice package.  I really hate the ones that are huge with space for a silly brush that no one ever uses anyway - or so much product that it will go out of style before you can ever finish it.

I've really been getting to like Clarins lately and this Spring line has been a good one!



  1. Clarins has always been a brand that I would walk past without giving a second thought! However, the more and more I hear about this brand, the more interested I've become! Definitely want to try out those blushers now!

    1. I agree! I never even considered this brand before this year. Check out the toner and the primer as well! Really nice.

  2. ha. my clarins review is actually going up tomorrow! i dont know...didn't you find it sort of hard to work with? i found it quite stiff in the pan and though it's mean for sheer coverage..a bit too sheer maybe. i know other ppl who would like it a lot though :).
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Yes, it is pretty firm. I have to rub to get it out but then I think it applies nicely with warm fingers. I think that's what makes it last so well.