Apr 3, 2014

Beautyblender sponge and sponge cleanser

Hello friends,

So - the Beautyblender and I have a long and complicated relationship.  I first bought one a few years ago when they were new and hot.  Honestly - it was life changing!  I thought it was absolutely genius.

So then - silly girl - my sponge was getting a bit ratty.  So I threw it away and bought a new one.  I SWEAR the new one was completely different.  It did not absorb nearly as well and had a different feel entirely.

SO - this is my third Beautyblender sponge.  We shall see if it is as good as my first one - or whether the company has truly changed source of supply or their raw materials.

As for the cleanser - it is AMAZE-BALLS.  Yes it is a tiny pot of $20 soap.  I get that.  It seems ludicrous I agree.  BUT - it cleans my makeup brushes like nothing else.  And I have almost all MAC brushes - so they are a pretty significant investment.  I want to take care of them.  And when I use this - they are back to brand new again.  No kidding.  This stuff is the bomb!

So these two products were on my shopping list when I went to the Sephora VIB Rouge event on Sunday and I was happy to pop them into my basket!


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