Apr 28, 2014

My favourite lippies of the week

Hello Beauty Friends,

Today I thought I'd share what my lips have been wearing most often.

I have long been a fan of Tarte LipSurgence chubby lip pencils - and their Amazonian clay blushes (obviously - they are AMAZING).  But I hadn't tried too many of their other products.  This adorable little lipstick caught my eye in Ulta the other week - and I just couldn't resist!

$19 Cdn at Sephora
Described as a reddish pink, this lipstick contains Tarte's moisturizing Amazonian butter and is so soft and lush.  It feels just like a lipbalm but with colour.

You can see in this swatch that the colour is vibrant and has a lovely gloss to it.  I hate lipsticks that are dry or feel dry on your lips.  I like something that is sheer and easy to wear and feels like a lipbalm.
Here you can see what the colour looks like on my lips.  It's a nice bright coraly/ peachy pink that is still soft and sheer.  Perfect for Spring.

$28 Cdn at Sephora
This was another impromptu purchase - at Sephora.  I love the quality of Bite lip products and I love that they are made with 100% food grade ingredients.  When you think how much lipstick you ingest over the course of your lifetime, that is a great thing!
This is a sheer lip tint.  It feels like a lipbalm but with just a hint of colour.  It's perfect when you just need a little something.  Or if you want to apply some quick colour without a mirror, or when driving (not that I ever do that).


Hope that gives you some ideas if you are looking for new lip products!


  1. That tarte lipstick is a beautiful colour x


  2. love the packaging on the tarte lipstick!

    1. isn't it gorgeous? So pretty. It really stands out.