Apr 4, 2014

NARS Laguna bronzer

Hello friends,

This might sound crazy - but until this year I did not use bronzer.  Not at all.  I think I just didn't know what to do with it?  I don't know.  I just didn't see the point in it at all.

But the more I read (i.e. obsessed) the beauty blogs, I discovered the point of sculpting with bronzer.  One post said "instantly lost 5 lbs in your face".  HELLO!  You had me at 5 lbs!

I really see a different in my face when I apply some bronzer below my cheek bones, in the hollow below my cheeks, and above my brow bones, along my hairline as well as just under my jaw.  It does slim your face quite nicely.

The challenge I've had has been in finding the right shade for my fair skin tone.

Most of my research led me to either Benefit Hoola or NARS Laguna.  The Hoola is more matte which I like, but the shade wasn't quite right for me.

Once I swatched this in store, I knew it was the right shade.

So - here's to some sculpting this week!



  1. This shade is absolutely beautiful, I definitely need to try it out x


    1. It's a good universal shade I think. Very wearable.

  2. I've used both and you're right, though the Hoola is matte, the colour can be a little too orangey on some skintones! The laguna has more a brown tone to it!

    1. I agree Mary. I think it works with a lot of skin tones.