Apr 16, 2014

Sarah's skincare week: eye creams

Hello Beauty Friends!

Welcome to day three of Sarah's skincare week!

See Day Two:  Toners

Today is the next step in my skincare routine - that is eye creams!

I always debate whether to try new things in my skincare routine or not.   On one hand - I don't actually have any fine lines or wrinkles - which for 39 I think is pretty good.  So does this mean that my current products are doing their job and preventing them?  Or would I see more results from some other products?  I don't know.  But in the meantime, Clinique skincare products tend to do pretty well for me.  They always feel nice on my skin.  I never feel greasy or like my pores are clogged/ congested.  And my makeup is easy to apply on top of the products - which is an issue I've had when trying other brands.  I'm sure I'll still experiment with other products - but these are some of my tried-and-true loves.

Morning Routines - eye care

In the morning, I use two types of products - one to relieve any puffiness or bags if I didn't sleep well (or if I watched a sad movie and cried before bedtime).  Then I use a soothing moisturizer which helps my makeup to apply more easily.

$34 Cdn at Sephora

I love this eye serum.  I've lost count of how many I've gone through over the years.  It really does take away any puffiness you might have under your eyes in the morning and is very refreshing.  It is really gentle and absorbs quickly.  It isn't at all greasy and doesn't get in the way of makeup.  I don't use it every day - only when I need it.

Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector
$49 Cdn at Sephora

I apologize for the condition of this bottle - but you can see how much I've used and loved it!  This is at least my second tube.  I use this every day as my daytime eye cream.  It has a very slight tint to it, which helps prime your under eye area for concealer.  I don't think it is incredible at covering dark shadows - which I get very rarely.  But it is a nice moisturizer.  I just picked up a Clarins eye cream - so I'll see if it is any better.

Nighttime routines:  eye care

At night I like more heavy duty treatment and very rich moisturizers to work on my skin overnight.  So I use different products for my eyes as well.

Ole Henriksen truth is in the eyes:  an eye peel
$52 Cdn at Sephora

This is a REALLY cool product that works so well!  I apply this under my eyes after cleansing and toning.  Let it dry.  Then apply eye cream over it.  In the morning you will not believe how soft and renewed the skin is under your eyes!  It is a great product - well worth the investment.

Clinique all about eyes rich
$37 Cdn at Sephora

This is another product that I have used FOREVER - since I was a teenager.  This rich version is newer and much thicker than the original (which I loved as well).  It is just a great, gentle moisturizer.  I cannot fault it.  I have super sensitive eyes and have to be really careful what I use in that area.  I've never been able to use contact lenses and I have difficulties with a lot of mascaras.  So I like that this never bothers my eyes.

So that's it for me on eye creams!

Join me tomorrow for moisturizers!


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