Apr 14, 2014

Sarah's skincare week: REN Cleansing Balm

Hello beauty friends!

This week is all about skincare!  I've been "slightly" obsessed lately.  I tend to get very obsessive about certain things - and lately it has been skincare.  So I thought this week I would devote my blogging to that topic!

This is one of my recent additions to my skincare routine - thanks to a review from Caroline Hirons.

REN Rosa Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm
$58 Cdn from Sephora

I had never used a cleansing balm before.  I shied away from anything "oily" or "greasy" as I thought that would cause my skin to generate more oil and cause more breakouts.

Since reading blogs by so many skincare experts, I now know that is not the case.  Some oils are in fact very good for your skin - and can reduce oil production in your skin by balancing and calming.  I use Clarins Lotus Oil daily and have found my skin to be a lot calmer since using it.

When I went to pay for this at Shoppers, the girl raved about it - how it was one of her favourite products - and mixed up samples of some other REN products for me to try as well.  She said they are very, very good for sensitive skin - which I do have.

This is a really interesting product.  It is like a tub of Vaseline almost in consistency.  You apply it to your skin and it melts into an oil.  Then you apply some water to your fingers and it emulsifies into a rich cleansing milk.  It comes with a cloth to use for rinsing it off but I've been using my regular wash cloths.

When I rinse this off, my skin already feels softer and moisturized as well as thoroughly clean.  It is a lovely feeling.  You really don't need much product at all.  It rubs in very easily and it washes off very easily as well.  It takes all of my makeup off - even eyeshadow - without any problems at all.  When I use a toner afterwards, there is no residue left on the cotton pad at all. 

In terms of eye makeup - you will need an eye makeup remover for your mascara as usual - don't make the mistake I made on day one and get this in your eyes.  It hurts!

But overall, this is a lovely cleanse for my evening skincare routine.



  1. Very nice product. I was afraid to try products that feel oily too! Haha I was wrong. I will look for this product in the us. Thanks for the review :)

    1. Let me know what you think - thank you Laurie! Sarah xx

  2. I'm totally in love with REN and quite obsessed with cleansing balms. Though I'm not sure if this particular REN product is available in the UK - I could be wrong. It sounds lovely. Great review. Tx

    1. I don't know either - let me know if you find it. I got mine at Sephora here in Canada. Sarah xx

  3. Ooh I don't think this is available in the UK yet, it sounds lovely I'm a big fan of the REN skincare products I love the cleansing milky, and clay cleanser this balm sounds lowly though :) x


    1. Yes - very nice products. I want to try their serum as well.