May 1, 2014

Boots UK haul!

Hello Beauty Friends!

My husband recently went to England and Germany for business - so of course I sent him with a little shopping list!

There are so many things I read about from all the British Beauty Bloggers - that I cannot get in Canada.  So I have an ongoing wishlist of things that I'd like to try.

Here's what I requested - and he was able to get it all at Boots!

And my lovely mother-in-law sent me some wonderful UK fashion magazines!  I love it!

He just got home last night - so I haven't had chance to use all these goodies yet - but I will be sure to share my thoughts!  I am wearing the Manga mascara today - which seems really nice - it applied beautifully - despite the interesting bendy applicator.  Interesting note - the mascaras were double-shrink-wrapped with security bars.  I've never seen that before!  I also used the Bourjois CC Eye Concealer and it went on beautifully.  Such a lovely silicone tip.

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  2. Lovely pieces - so sweet of your husband to pick them up for you :) would have taken my boyfriend soo long to find the products haha! & I find the mascara packaging over here soo annoying!

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

    1. I know - he is very sweet (sometimes).

  3. I hope you love that Soap & Glory concealer as much as I do! Although we are lucky to have these products in the UK, I'm super jealous of some of the products you have on offer in Canada that we don't x


    1. I am loving it! Thank you! Yes - it is frustrating when you can see all the lovely things online but can't find them locally. Grr!