May 7, 2014

Review: Indeed Labs Exfoliator

Hello Beauty Friends!

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Here is another skincare product I have been using lately.  It is made by Indeed Labs - the same brand as Hydraluron (the serum raved about by UK skincare guru Caroline Hirons).
I also reviewed it here.  Sarah's Skincare Week:  Serums

Indeed Labs - Exfoliator

This facial powdered exfoliator was released by Indeed Labs this spring.  It is described as a water-activated enzyme micro-powder.  It comes in a shaker-style bottle with a flip top that allows you to pour out a little powder into your hand.
As you apply water, the powder froths up becoming a creamy foam.  It is also really nice when added to the cleanser of your choice (which is how I like to use it).  So if you just want a mild exfoliation in the evening, you can add just a little to your regular skincare cleanser.
I love this product!  I love that I can just add as much as I want and not add an additional step to my skincare routine.
I find it very gentle on my skin yet effective at sloughing away dead skin cells.
It is available for about $20 at Shoppers Drug Mart.


  1. Oh wow this looks really interesting. I've been using a few different cleansers lately but this looks like a good one to try! x

  2. Oh, I'm definitely curious about this! Always tempted by Indeed releases and it's nice to hear that this is gentle :)